• What I mean when I say "patriarchy": A set of socially maintained systems, values, and ideologies which perpetuate arbitrary and outdated ideas about gender and human sexuality, encompassing social phenomena like homophobia, transphobia, and sexism.
  • What people THINK I mean when I say "patriarchy": A secret brotherhood that meets together once a month to discuss how best to oppress women, and are in control of all of the world's governments.
Wow @ the MRA-type git fundraising for the “stolen generation” outside St. Kevin’s Arcade. Smh at using a term used to describe the forced removal of indigenous children from their families by a genocidal colonizing force to describe a perception of gendered disadvantage in family courts faced by the most privileged group in society.

tfw this year’s round of student protests is so ritualistic and contained that i started fantasizing about the cops beating us into action like last time